LoveBug Pest Control Owner, Jon Bibb, is back again to answer some common questions and provide general information for our pest control customers. Today’s pest control topic is “Benefits of Pest Control.” Check out today’s video for information on LoveBug’s services.

Jon shares, that as with any industry, there are some folks that do not see the value in pest control services. Jon continues on to explain his three reasons why pest control has its advantages. First, to protect your investment. There are severals pests out there that can do major damage to your home. In order to protect your home and money, it’s wise to schedule regular pest control services. Secondly, protect your pantry. No one wants unwanted pests running wild in there cabinets or pantry contaminating their food. If you don’t want creepy crawlers in and around your food, regular pest control service can help prevent unwanted pests from invading your pantry. Lastly, protect yourself! There are many common pests that bite and sting, and many are poisonous. To protect yourself, and loved ones, we urge you to schedule regular treatments for that peace of mind.

If Jon’s excellent reasons above have you interested in pest control services, please give LoveBug Pest control a call.

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