Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants usually hit homeowners by surprise. One day they notice what looks like fluffy plant like material laying in a pile on their floor inside their home. It is fairly perplexing. The fluffy stuff is called the frass that carpenter ants produce as they tunnel out boards inside your wall. 

Wood Destroying Insects

Red and black carpenter ant. Notice the heart shaped head.

Carpenter ants are considered wood destroying insects. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not actually eat wood. The frass that you sometimes see is actually wood shavings that have been perforated into a fine fluffy mess then excavated outside of the nest. Many times you will see a hole above the frass and that is where the carpenter ants are throwing out what they’ve chewed. Carpenter ants prefer to build nests in areas that have moist wood. Many times you will see carpenter ants in areas where there has been previous water damage. Windows and doorframes that have wood rot are two areas that you can find carpenter ant nests. 

Carpenters ants will sometimes build their nests outside.  A tree with a hollow cavity can be an excellent area for a nest. Many times you will find ants foraging inside and then trailing back outside to a nest that is in a tree.

Carpenter ants are some of the largest ants in the United States. Their colors can range from all dark to dark brown and red. There are over 20 species of carpenter ants in the United States so if you suspect carpenter ants, it is best to call a licensed professional.

Carpenter Ant Treatments

Group of carpenter ants. Notice colors are different from picture above.

At LoveBug Pest Control, we treat carpenter ants. We provide a service that includes two trips whereas we will inspect your home or business in attempt to locate the nest. We will then create a plan to bait and use other professional pesticides in an attempt to get to the queen and thus end the colony.

Call LoveBug Pest Control today and talk to a representative on how we can help if you suspect carpenter ants!