LoveBug Pest Control Owner, Jon Bibb, is back again to answer some common questions and provide general information for our pest control customers. Today’s pest control topic is “Cicada Killers.” Check out today’s video for information on LoveBug’s services.

Jon explains that this time of year, the San Antonio area will start to see Cicada Killers, commonly mistaken for Murder Hornets. Jon shares that Cicada Killers are relatively harmless. He mentions that male Cicada Killers do possess a stinger, but in fact, it doesn’t actually sting. However, the male Cicada Killer do tend be more a little more aggressive. Jon goes on to further explain, that the female Cicada Killers do possess a stinger. They will only sting if you attempt to handle them or get inside their nest, but  they’re generally not aggressive.

Jon adds, if you do feel that Cicada Killers are an issue for your home, to talk to the professionals at LoveBug PestControl.

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