Frequently Asked Questions 


Why hire a professional pest control company?

Usually, by the time somebody calls a pest control company, they are experiencing a frequent pest problem. They may have tried over the counter products with little to no results. Pest control education is an important part of pest prevention, and our technicians are trained to know where and how pests enter dwellings and the best methods for treatment and prevention.

Is pest control safe for my pets and family?

Our first priority is the safety of our customers. Many times there are treatment plans that involve minimal amounts of pest control products. All of our products are EPA approved and our technicians are trained on safe use of pest control products.

What are your procedures for general pest control?

For General Pest Control, we will start by treating the inside of your home.  Once the inside has been treated, we will move to the outside.  Our outside procedures start by treating all of your entry points as well as applying a band of product all along the base of your home. Secondly, our technicians will then use their brush and extension pole to scrub all cobwebs, snails, etc. from the tops of your fist level windows, as well as, the underside of the eves of your home. During this step, we will then also eliminate all wasp nests that our brush can reach. Our third step is to apply insecticide dust to all of your lower story weep holes. Our fourth step is to apply a ten foot band of specialized insecticide granulate around the base of your home and in your flower gardens. Our fifth and final step is to power spray (weather permitting – not too windy) another 10′ band of product around the base of your home and flower gardens (yes we granulate AND power spray!).

We do ALL of these outside steps on ALL of our quarterly followups! And if you would like us to retreat the inside again, we would be happy to that as well!  LoveBug Pest Control takes the time to do the job right!

Do I have to leave while services are being performed?

Most times it will not be necessary for you to leave your home during treatment, although we may ask that you leave the immediate area of the home that we are treating. If it becomes necessary that you leave your home during a treatment, we will give you advance notice so we can coordinate the treatment at a time that is convenient to you.

How soon can I expect results?

Right after treatment, it is not uncommon to see a mix of dead bugs and live bugs that are close to dying.  In about two days, you should see a noticeable reduction. A more gradual reduction of pests should keep occurring over the next 14 days. Remember, seeing dead bugs is a sign that the treatment is working. Just sweep up in a dustpan and discard. If you are still seeing live pests after two weeks, please feel free to call our office for a free follow up visit.

Can I feel safe with a pest control professional in my home?

LoveBug Pest Control is a local company that is family owned. All of our technicians are uniformed employees of the company that have passed a criminal background check. And just as important, our technicians are people that we know, like, and trust ourselves. We NEVER subcontract technicians – our technicians are always employees of LoveBug Pest Control. So when you hire LoveBug Pest Control for your pest control needs, you can feel confident that we will send out courteous, well-mannered technicians that are employees of our company, and that are there to do the job right for you.

What if I just want service occasionally instead of quarterly?

LoveBug Pest Control recommends quarterly treatments to keep bugs from entering your home. Why do we recommend quarterly treatments? Our “initial treatment” flushes out and kills the bugs inside your home (seen and unseen) and sets up an outside barrier to keep bugs from entering your home. Most pest control products have a residual effect of approximately 90 days. To keep your outside barrier intact, we return every 90 days to repeat all of our outside procedures and reapply a new insecticide barrier around the outside of your home (we are happy to retreat the inside again too if you wish). With pest control done quarterly, we feel confident that your pest issues will be minimal or non-existent.  This is why our prices for followup quarterly treatments are much less than initial treatments for general pest control, because we are not having to repeat our initial flush out.

However, some of our clients prefer pest control treatments only occasionally, and we are happy to oblige them. So our policy for “occasional” pest control is that if your current service is more than four months from your previous service, we will need to start over fresh again, and begin with an initial flush out treatment.  Accordingly, our prices for “occasional” treatments are the same as our “initial” treatment price.  If you originally received a discount for being a first time customer, your price will still be the same as the price that you originally paid.