Flea & Tick Treatments

Although fleas do not have wings, they can jump 100 times their own height.

At LoveBug Pest Control, we will work with you to do what is necessary to get rid of your fleas. Our procedures are the same whether you are having a flea and/or tick problem. When we schedule your flea treatment, we will send you a flea preparation checklist of items to do before, during, and after treatments. Some of those items include mowing the yard (because we will treat the yard too), vacuuming and sweeping your carpet and hard floors, cleaning pet bedding materials, and scheduling for your pet to be professionally treated at the same time that we are treating your home. There will be a few items that you will need to do after we treat too. Fleas are hard to control, but LoveBug Pest Control has the right procedures for both you as the customer, and us as the pest control professional, to get your home “flea free” once again!

Full Treatment (Recommended)

Our flea & tick treatment is a comprehensive treatment where we will coordinate with you to treat and finally get rid of the fleas and ticks that have invaded your home. This treatment is for people that know they have fleas and are ready to tackle the problem and is also the recommended treatment for fleas and ticks.

•  LoveBug Pest Control with provide you with a preparation checklist to coordinate efforts between us and you.
•  Two separate treatments – both inside & outside that are approximately 14 days apart.
•  Your checklists will help your prepare for what to do before, during, & after treatments.
•  LoveBug Pest Control uses an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) to control growth of fleas & ticks.

Ticks can carry diseases and should always be taken seriously. LoveBug Pest Control has the expertise to remove ticks from your home and yard.

The first trip involves killing the fleas and ticks, and then leaving behind a residual for any eggs that hatch. The second trip offers a second treatment to be sure that fleas and ticks are gone for good!  Like described above, this service does involve some cooperation from the homeowner, but don’t worry because we have a checklist ready to provide to you before we begin. This service has a 30 day guarantee.

One-Time Treatment

Although we prefer two trips for flea & tick treatments, and our experience proves that two trips is the most successful solution, some people just want a one time shot flea treatment. This treatment is for those people that maybe have seen one or two fleas, and don’t feel they have a severe enough problem. Our procedures are basically the same as our two trip service, but we only do one trip and thus the price is lower. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this service because of the eggs that will potentially hatch, and then start producing a whole new crop of fleas & ticks.

Treat Now Before They Get Out Of Control

Especially with fleas, it’s important to treat so fleas don’t get out of control. From the time fleas enter your home and start to reproduce, until the time that your home is swarming with fleas, is not a very long time. It’s important to get fleas & ticks treated by a licensed pest control professional.  Call LoveBug Pest Control today, and we will explain to you the necessary steps that we both can take to get rid of this unwanted problem. It may seem overwhelming, but we have the solutions to get your home back again from the fleas & ticks!