LoveBug Pest Control Owner, Jon Bibb, is back again to answer some common questions and provide general information for our pest control customers. Today’s pest control topic is “How to Get Rid of Fleas.” Check out today’s video for information on LoveBug’s services.

Jon explains, this is more or less a continuation of the last flea-related post “Preventing Fleas.” However, today’s video covers what to do if you detect a flea infestation in your home. If you see fleas in your home, Jon recommends calling your pest control company immediately. Your pest control company will provide instructions on what to do. Jon shares, that LoveBug Pest Control implements a two-part treatment for flea infestations. One initial treatment right away, and then another two weeks later.

Customers can also expect a checklist of steps to take before your treatment, during and after services. He encourages customers to adhere to the checklist of steps because it is certainly a coordinated effort between both the customer and the pest control company to effectively and thoroughly rid your home of fleas. If you detect fleas in your home, LoveBug Pest Control is ready to help.

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