LoveBug Pest Control is here to educate homeowners about some really neat facts about ants and their reproductive process. Viewers learn some interesting mating facts about most (but not all) species of ants. Did you know that there are ants designated as reproductives, and that these ants will go off to new colonies to mate? What’s interesting about this is that the female ant will only mate one time. Afterwards, the female ant will store sperm collected from male ants, and then decide when/if she chooses to fertilize those eggs.

If she does, those eggs will only become female ants. When the female ants are very young, she secretes a special chemical over them and this determines which ants will be worker ants or reproductives (queens). The ants that are selected to be workers will inevitably lose their wings and their ability to use their ovaries.

The queen of the ant colony clearly rules the roost!

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