Cicada Killer at my home near her nest.

When people see a cicada killer for the first time, they almost have to do a double take. What in the world was that? A bird? A plane? A flying saucer? Cicada killers are very large solitary wasps that build nests in dry soils. Yes they are very large wasps but you’d be surprised that they’re not quite as dangerous as you’d think.

As the name implies, cicada killers kill cicadas (growing up we called cicadas locusts). The female uses her powerful stinger to inject venom into cicadas to paralyze them, and then take the paralyzed cicada back to her nest inside the ground to feed to her larvae. Although cicada killers are quite the killers to cicadas, they are less of a problem for humans. Funny thing is the male cicada killer can be aggressive, but he does not have a stinger. The female has a stinger that carries a powerful sting, but is not aggressive. In other words, the sting of a female cicada killer can be very hurtful, but she is not likely to attack you.

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