Wildlife Removal

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Wildlife Removal

Raccoons can get onto your roof via trees. Keeping trees trimmed off of the roof can help keep raccoons and other wildlife from entering your attic.

Do you hear noise at night in your attic? It’s most likely some type of animal. And many times that noise is either squirrels or raccoons, or some other type of wildlife.  Wildlife love to make their homes in attics, crawl spaces and anywhere where they can find a warm and safe shelter to nest. LoveBug Pest Control offers wildlife removal and exclusion.

Humane Wildlife Removal

LoveBug Pest Control offers wildlife removal service. We will identify what wildlife problem you are experiencing and then create a plan to trap and exclude the wildlife from getting into your home again. We are experienced at trapping and catching whichever animal is inside your home or attic. different rat species than roof rats and typically can make their home in the ground cover of your yard. Either way, LoveBug Pest Control will determine the problem and setup a plan to get rodents under control. Our service involves three trips. If the infestation is more severe than three trips can handle, we will charge for each trip thereafter until the infestation is under control.  Conversely, if for some reason we do not need to make three trips, we will adjust our price accordingly.


Squirrels are cute to look at but carry diseases and can cause harm to your home. Call LoveBug Pest Control to humanely remove any wildlife in your attic.

1)  Identify what type of wildlife issue you are experiencing.
2)  Create a plan to safely trap and exclude the your wildlife from entering again.
3)  Minor exclusion is included.  If exclusion work is other than minor, we can quote you a price or refer you to a local handyman.
4)  Our service usually includes three trips.  If problem is severe more trips may be required at an additional cost.

We Are Animal Lovers Too!

At LoveBug Pest Control, we are animal lovers too! That’s why we are trained on how to capture and safely release the wildlife that is making their home in yours. properly sealed. In the San Antonio area, wildlife has been under a lot of pressure as our entire area has grown significantly. Some wildlife have adapted to their habitat turning into an urban area and thrive living in the city. There have been some estimates that there are more raccoons per square mile in the city than there are living in the country. Talk about urban raccoons!

Call LoveBug Pest Control today and talk to a representative on how we can help your with wildlife removal![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]